The 12 Best Free Classified Ad Sites in United States that you should Try in 2020

Since humankind began trading goods and services, advertising has been a tool of utmost importance. Without advertising, there is no way of letting people know that you are in business, and the sort goods and/or services you are willing to provide. Whether people shouted from the rooftops or rented out rooftop billboards, advertisements have remained significant throughout the ages.

These days, thanks to the internet, advertising has become more simple and economical. Running an ad costs very little and, in some places, it costs nothing at all. We are, of course, talking about free ad posting sites. Spread throughout the internet, these sites display ads related to your business, free of charge. Of course, just as your visibility is important, so is the stature and quality of the website where you upload your ads.

This list will allow you to find of the best-classified sites in the USA where you can put up your ads, absolutely free of charge.


If we are talking about free advertising sites in the United States of America, then one of the best out there has to be EzFreeAds. Started by Tim Ringer in the year 2020, this behemoth of a website began as a simple listing of items for sale for his Facebook Group.

Since then it has expanded into various categories, such as Housing, Jobs, and Services, etc. and spread to over seventy countries around the world. Ads are absolutely free to put up, and you can be certain that thousands of eyes will fall on them.

2. Oodle

Oodle is slightly different from most other classified websites that you will be familiar with. Not only can you post your ads on Oodle but, if you are searching for a particular good or service, Oodle to present you with results from different classified websites that are operating in your vicinity, such as For Rent, eBay, etc.

For this reason, Oodle is a darling amongst advertisement websites. Of course, all of your ads can be posted for free, and are guaranteed to receive voluminous amounts of traction.

3. OLX

A website started in the bustling concrete jungle that is the city of New York, OLX has become a household name not only in the United States, but throughout the world. You can post with or without making an account, although having an account makes things a whole lot easier. Ads for services, goods, jobs, etc. can be put up for free. OLX, however, also has a premium option.

If advertisers choose this option, their ads are promoted and stand a better chance of getting a higher number of responses. That being said, a free ad will also garner you a healthy amount of reciprocation.


One of the most sure-fire ways of staying in business is to create a community around you. Greebo, the free classified ads website, has done just that. However, this community not only favors them but you as well. Geebo has several categories and sub-categories where you can post your ads for free. Thanks to its highly active community, most of these ads receive a staggering number of views. The community can also help you find the perfect buyer, employer, recruiter, client, etc.

Another positive of Geebo is their stringent stand on scams and fraudulent practices. You can rest assured that any responses you get on your ads are genuine and reliable.

  1. Locanto

If you are looking to advertise your services, promote an event or real estate, then Locanto is the website for you. While you can also buy and sell goods and merchandise, the abovementioned categories are some of the ones that see the most amount of traffic. You can also post ads under the ‘community tab’, which will allow you to find business quickly within your vicinity.

Ads can be put up for free, and remain on the website for a period of sixty days. This allows your ad to be displayed for two months, and garner the maximum amount of promotion.

Ads on Locanto are also easy to post, with the option of adding pictures, location, and links to your website.

  1. Adpost

One of the longest-running classified ad websites in the world, Adpost’s strength lies in the fact in its community and its massive coverage. Not only does it cover almost every square inch of the United States, it also has a presence in numerous countries all over the world.

This translates into a stupendous number of views and visits on your ads, should you choose to put them up on this website. Ads are, of course, free and easy to post.

The website also allows you to add a highly detailed description of every product and service, which helps you make the ad more informative.

  1. Kugli

If you are seeking employment are looking to advertise your skills, you cannot find a site better than Kugli. While it is a classified ads website, it is widely believed to be one of the best sites for job hunting and networking. This is because of the titanic customer base that the website has.

This point can be better illustrated by the fact that on Kugli you can buy or sell anything from an action figure to an island.

Any ad you post, for free, is destined to fetch you hundreds, if not thousands of potential business opportunities.

  1. Sell

Sometimes, everything that you need to know is in the name. Sell is one of the most well-respected online marketplaces and free classified ad websites you can ever find. This is, however, a website that specializes in selling and buying merchandise and real estate.

You will not be able to advertise services, events, or look for employment of any sort. On the other hand, apart from putting up ads for things you wish to sell, Sell also gives you the option to open your own online store on their website.

You can also import ads that you place on other websites such as eBay or Craigslist.

  1. Adland Pro

Adland Pro has one of the most diverse range of categories within which you can post your free advertisements. You can have ads for e-books, baby items, tutors and even part-time jobs. The website gives you a staggering amount of free reign to create an ad that will best suit you. You can also, if you so choose, contribute to the Adland Pro blog. This will allow you to speak about your business and interests at greater length.

In addition to that, Adland Pro also provides you with community forums, where you can interact with local businesses and individuals, thereby increasing the chances of your ad finding the desired audience.

  1. Kedna

A free classified ads website, one of the things that set Kedna apart from the multitude of websites out there is the fact that you can upload descriptive videos on it. Similar in style to Kickstarter, where you pitch your idea by making a short video, Kedna lets its advertisers put up videos describing the product or service that they are offering.

This allows the ads to have a more personal touch to them and helps potential buyers/customers to get a better idea of the goods/services on offer.

  1. Ablewise

There are few ad websites as big as Ablewise. Peak points of traffic have witnessed upwards of a hundred million visitors per month. Those are difficult figures to reach, but Ablewise has not only reached, but surpassed them. While any and all goods and services can be advertised for free on the website, it is most popular amongst people looking to rent or to let residences.

Currently, the site has over sixty thousand ads in the rentals category. Needless to say, if you are looking to rent out a property, this is the place you want your ad to be.

  1. Adsglobe

As the name suggests, Adsglobe is a global classified ads website. However, it does have a page dedicated to ads pertaining to the United States of America. You can also fine tune the search engine to focus at a certain city within a certain state, so that your ads are more precise.

The website can be broadly divided into four categories. First comes the marketplace. In this section, you can put up ads, for free, in order to sell anything. From antiques to yachts, anything can be sold and bought here.

November 20, 2020 6:50 am